Worldly Delights – sweet cocktails with a twist

If you love hosting guests then you’ve probably got a few trusty meals and desserts up your sleeve.

But have you ever thought of wowing your friends with a signature drink or, better yet, an array of cocktails? There’s nothing more impressive than being a home mixologist, shaking and pouring a kaleidoscope of flavours into fancy glasses.

Here are five exotic cocktails using an exotic sugar base, from the Sugars of the World range.

To make a simple syrup just mix two parts of your chosen sugar with one part water and boil until all granules have dissolved. Cool and use in one of the following cocktails.

1. Mexican Agave Sugar

This sugar is sweeter than a caster sugar and provides an authentic flavour for Mexican-inspired cocktails. We like this recipe for The Pimped Mexican, a twist on a traditional mojito from Melbourne Cocktail blogger, Mel How. It uses agave in the form of tequila!

Mel explains that, “Traditionally the mojito is a rum-based cocktail, which makes sense because it originated in Cuba, the capital of rum cocktails. But in Mexico they use agave tequila for Mexican mojitos.”

2. Indonesian Coconut Blossom Sugar

Strolling along an Indonesian beach in the evening as streaks of red, yellow and pink light up the darkening sky is a magical experience.

You can re-create that holiday feeling and those gorgeous sunset colours with a layered cocktail using the nutty Indonesian Coconut Blossom sugar.

To create this Tropical Sunset cocktail layer the following ingredients in a tall glass: crushed ice, 60ml coconut rum, 30ml of sugar syrup, a generous splash of grenadine and then slowly topped with pineapple juice. Garnish with three maraschino cherries that have been skewered onto a toothpick.

3. French Caster Sugar

Forget about cheese and pastries, if you want to show off your love for the French start mixing a traditional drink with a dash of true French Caster Sugar.

The French 75 is a well-known cocktail created around the time of World War I. It became so popular it even appeared in the 1942 movie, Casablanca.

Add some old world French charm to your cocktail list by mixing 30ml of sugar syrup with 30ml lemon juice and 60ml gin, topped off with sparkling wine.

4. Colombian Panela Sugar

If you’ve been lucky enough to luxuriate on the beaches of Colombia then you might be familiar with the popular Coco Loco cocktail. This alcoholic drink is served right on the sand and straight out of a coconut.

Take yourself on holiday in your own kitchen by making this version with 30ml each of tequila, vodka and rum, 1 can of coconut cream, 1 cup of coconut water, 1 tablespoon of Colombian Panela Sugar syrup and a 1/4 cup of lime juice.

Serve on ice with a slice of lime and preferably a paper umbrella.

5. Sri Lankan Rapadura Sugar

As the world’s fourth largest tea producer, we thought a cocktail paying homage to iced tea would be the perfect companion for our Sri Lankan Rapadura Sugar.

You can make a simple syrup or use the sugar as is to sweeten this tea cocktail. Use a cup of cold-brewed strong black tea, 60ml of white rum and fresh lychees. Pour into a tall glass over ice and top up with lemonade and sweeten with Sri Lankan Rapadura Sugar. It’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed on a hot day.

Sling cocktails like a pro and discover the new Sugars of the World range in Coles, Woolworths and Independent retailers nationally.