Sweet in any language – desserts from around the world

Every baker knows that the proof is in the pudding, and when it comes to taste there’s something reassuring about using a product with authentic flavour.

From the bold tastes of Mexico to the daintiness of France, our new Sugars of the World range will take your baked goods around the globe and back to your kitchen bench.

As well as selecting the finest international sugars from sustainable harvests, we’ve also got our eyes on these tempting, regional-inspired desserts.

Churros with warm chocolate sauce

Ask anyone about their favourite Mexican dessert and almost always you hear “churros” shouted back enthusiastically.

This traditional dessert has everything you could want — warm cinnamon doughnut-like batons, dipped in a sinfully delicious chocolate sauce.

Make it extra authentic by rolling the churros in a cinnamon mix made with our Mexican Agave sugar. It has a slightly sweeter finish than caster sugar so it adds the perfect balance to this dessert.


Dark chocolate petit four

When it comes to French cooking there are two key elements that make it seductive — a rich flavour and petite serve that leaves you wanting more. That’s the case with this timeless dark chocolate petit four.

A long-held tradition in France is using the finest quality ingredients from farm to table and you can do that with our French Caster Sugar. It is purified from the juice of sugar beet (rather than cane) and is developed into a very fine crystal, making it perfect for immersion into a delicate dessert.

Have your closest friends around for afternoon tea and let them eat cake!


Klepon (sweet coconut rice balls)

If you’ve been to Indonesia you’ll know they do desserts a little differently. Instead of heavy cakes or rich puddings, they focus on fresh flavours and treats that can be enjoyed in warm weather.

Klepon can almost be described as Indonesia’s answer to a chewy toffee, however, it has a lighter texture and subtle flavour.

This easy recipe plays on two traditional flavours of pandan and coconut, so add to its authenticity with our Indonesian Coconut Blossom Sugar. It’s an unrefined, organically grown sugar with subtle caramel and butterscotch tones.


Torta Negra (Colombian black cake)

Colombians are very passionate and there are two things they love to do, celebrate and eat. So, there is no doubt that those two loves come together on many occasions including in this traditional dessert.

Torta Negra is a celebration cake similar in flavour to our Christmas cake, however it is filled with true South American flavours of rum, spices and a dash of dulce de leche caramel.

Many families have their own unique and treasured recipe, here’s one we love that uses our authentic Panela sugar which has a deep rich, molasses flavour.


Muscovado semifreddo with poached pears

While Australia has many traditional desserts, we also like to put a twist on our cooking and create tempting new dishes.

We’ve designed this rich semifreddo recipe to show off the bold toffee and treacle flavours of our Australian Muscovado Sugar, which hails from our famous sugarfields in Queensland.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to sweet pears that have been poached in a warm red wine and cinnamon stock.


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