Sweet Origins – Where does sugar come from?

The supermarket sugar aisle just stepped up a level. Sugars of the World is a new range of sustainable, unrefined and exotic sugars that can be used to replicate cuisines from around the world - now available in Australia. Based on where it’s been grown and how it was processed, each sugar takes on a unique and individual flavour. So where exactly do these sugars come from?

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Worldly Delights – sweet cocktails with a twist

If you love hosting guests then you’ve probably got a few trusty meals and desserts up your sleeve.

But have you ever thought of wowing your friends with a signature drink or, better yet, an array of cocktails? There’s nothing more impressive than being a home mixologist, shaking and pouring a kaleidoscope of flavours into fancy glasses.

Here are five exotic cocktails using an exotic sugar base, from the Sugars of the World range

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