Australian Unrefined Sugar

Grown where the sun shines brighter, Unrefined Sugar is Australia's golden sweetener.

Australian Unrefined Sugar is milled in Queensland, at the source where the sugar cane is grown. The balance of trace minerals, nutrients and flavours found naturally in sugar cane and molasses are retained. Subtle differences across crystal size and colour are a result of the sugar not being processed through a refinery, so every bag of Australian Unrefined sugar is uniquely one of a kind. Dusky gold in colour, with a subtle syrup note and rounded flavour, Australian Unrefined sugar has an earthy character and natural goodness that can now be found in supermarkets nationally.

Perfect for:

  • Recipes that call for White or Raw sugar
  • Tea and coffee
  • Everyday baking and cooking

Available in Coles, Woolworths and Independent retailers nationally